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2018-08-30 15:35

团队简介/ Introduction of Biomedical Engineering Team:

  课题组组长:樋口亚绀教授(Akon Higuchi),樋口教授主要研究方向为:化学工程进行生物医学材料开发(如生物医学工程)。过去五年中,Akon Higuchi教授在生物医学工程方面的主要研究项目有:(1)具有纳米级片段的生医材料的干细胞培养和分化;(2)以具有纳米级片段的多孔膜进膜过滤方法进行干细胞分离。(个人具体简历详见附件

Human pluripotent stem cells (hPSCs), such as human embryonic stem cells (hESCs)andhuman induced pluripotent stem cells (hiPSCs), hold promise for drug discovery and regenerative medicine. The development of a fully defined micro-environment for culturing and differentiating hPSCs on specific biomaterials will have agreat effect on the use of hPSCs in cell therapy and tissue engineering.

Our group has been publishing in highreputational journals, for instance,  atleast one article  (> 25 impactfactor) per year since 2011 and several articles (>4.5)per year. Our labmember students have been obtaining one or two presentation award eachInternational meeting, more than 5 awards per year in total.

PI (Prof. Higuchi) is a fellow of AIMBE(USA) and RSC (UK) and is Editorial Board of Laboratory Investigation (Nature),Open Physics, J. Mater Chem B. (RSC) (see separate sheet).

职位/ Positions:

Associate Prof, Assistant Prof & Postdoc

课题组研究方向/ Research Interests:

1. hPSCs(human ESCs and iPSCs) culture and differentiation (Retinal pigment Epitheliun, cardiomyocyte, insulin-secreting beta cells, mesenchymal stem cells) onbiomaterials

2. Stemcell purification from tissue (adipose-derived stem cells (ADSCs) from fattissue using membrane filtration method)

3. Adultstem cells (ADSCs and amniotic fluid stem cells) differentiation onbiomaterials


1. Good Biological skills such as RT-PCR, qRT-PCR, immunostaining, cofocal lasermicroscopy analysis, cell culture & differentiation, flow cytometry analysis, ELISA;

2. Biomaterial preparation and characterization, XPS, SEM, AFM, chemical reaction;

3. Good command of English in speaking, reading and writing;

4. Generous and mild person with big ambition;

5. Good communication skills and managing lab members.

待遇及福利/Salary& Benefits:


We will provide competitive salary and benefits toapproved applicants according to relevant regulations of WIBE.

联系我们/Contact Us:

  有意应聘者,请将本人简历(要有近期照片、联系方式)、应聘信(对应聘岗位的理解、认识)、能证明水平、能力的各类证书、及身份证等材料  E-Mail   并抄送。邮件标题备注应聘:Biomedical Engineering 团队+姓名+学校。

  人力资源部联系电话:0577-88017508   高老师

Please send your resume /CV (including photos, contacts), application letter (indicating your understanding to corresponding position), related certificates and your ID information to, and cc to

For quicker response, please mention following information in your email subject:  the name of the team you are applying for +your name + your university.

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